The Smoked Meat Diaries

The Smoked Meat Diaries: My Two-Year Love Affair with Montreal is a compilation of journal entries I made between October 2008 and August 2010. It chronicles my two-year adventure living in Montreal, a city in which I had always dreamed of living. It’s filled with fun, frivolity, fondness for une fille, French fumbling, and the Habs (sorry, my alliterative skills only go so far).


People seem to dig it.

My mom says it’s, “Pretty swell.”

My dad calls it, “A fantastic literary romp.”

My sister declares, “It is much funnier than the time he hit me over the head with a pillow for an hour and then stormed off saying I ruined Christmas because he wanted to open presents on the sofa I was sleeping on.”

It’s been described by an acquaintance as “the greatest tome ever written” (don’t worry about his identity — he’s not from around here and you wouldn’t know him anyway).

One of my students quite accurately suggested that the very notion of this book is “an unnecessary narcissistic passion project.”

Well, what are you waiting for? YOU be the judge. Although I am currently sold out (we’ve moved dozens of copies…DOZENS!!!), I am taking wait list orders for another run of copies.

If you’re interested, leave a comment or tweet at me @DrWillShead

pic of Front Cover SMDII    pic of Back Cover SMDII

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4 Responses to The Smoked Meat Diaries

  1. Bryce Saunders says:

    Put me down for one copy. Does it come signed by the author?
    And how does one pay for this fine Canadian literature?

    • willshead says:

      Absolutely Bryce, I’d be happy to sign a copy. I accept any of the following forms of payment: PayPal, email money transfer, cheque, sock full of quarters, or promissory note for your next born child. But you can wait until you receive your copy before paying.

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