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My Father, The Hero

The year was 2004. I had just gone through a painful break-up after a 4-year relationship. That’s not the funny moment, by the way. My ex had just vacated the house we were renting and left me with nothing – … Continue reading

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Belligerent Recipes #6: Montreal Smoked Meat

Alright jerks, here we go. It’s my signature dish. It’s my “pièce de résistance” (translation: “piece of resistance”). It’s my crowd favourite. It’s my mic dropping recipe. It’s my Montreal Smoked Meat. Brought to you by The Smoked Meat Diaries. … Continue reading

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All the Way Home

“Billy Boy, it’s time to get up.” Through a tired squint Billy found his grandmother’s kind face hovering over his bed. “Grandma, no! Too early,” he muttered, burying his head under blankets and pillows. “Come on, Dear. You have to … Continue reading

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