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The Chip Quips Repository

  Chip Quips is the highest rated chip-based Instagram show in which I review different kinds of chips. I like chips! All of the episodes are posted here. Theme song:             Here's the deal Chip … Continue reading

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The 1994 Junior High Awards

Good evening fellow students, teachers, parents, family and friends. Welcome to the 1994 Junior High awards. It’s my great pleasure to be hosting such an auspicious event under the bright lights of the school cafeteria that has been hastily converted … Continue reading

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Expedia Fails to Reason

When teaching Intro Psych an important topic covered in the chapter on Thinking is deductive reasoning. This form of reasoning involves taking general premises and coming to specific conclusions. A good way to demonstrate how deductive reasoning works is to … Continue reading

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Montreal Canadiens @ Winnipeg Jets

Tonight the Montreal Canadiens visit the Winnipeg Jets in NHL action. It wasn’t too long ago that it seemed we would never again see the Canadiens and Jets face off in an NHL regular season tilt. When the NHL returned … Continue reading

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Belligerent Recipes #7: Cauliflower Pizza

So my inbox blew up yesterday with my fans clamouring for another installment of Belligerent Recipes. If you’re not familiar with this series, I reveal the secrets to making my award-winning dishes to you, the reader, FOR FREE. The only … Continue reading

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The Dark Canuck

One weekend in the summer of 2002, my friends, Nicholas and Todd, and I drove down to Minneapolis to see our favourite band, The Tragically Hip. We planned the trip on a whim. During the second weekend of July, Nicholas … Continue reading

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A Letter to My Twelve-Year-Old Self Who is About to Begin Junior High

Dear Will, Hey kiddo. How ya doing? I know, I know. You’re nervous about starting junior high this week. These last few weeks of summer have been ruined by that uneasy pukey feeling you’ve carried around as the clock ticks … Continue reading

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